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What is Video Codec

  You may be often meet the notion “video codec” in different papers, articles, especially in the converting and editing video. What is video codec and what for does it used?
From the beginning of the development history, it should be noted that earlier there were very huge non-compressed film files and the PCs weren’t able to run. To solve this problem the manufacturers tried to find a way out and run the action movie. Finally it was developed a new video dedicated accelerator card and devised special software which allow the system to compress film and PC could afford the operation.
For a better understanding, we give an explanation of the notion “codec” and tell how it functions in details. A video codec is a software which is used for compressing or decompressing any digital media file. The “codec” can be divided into two parts: encoding and decoding. The encoder performs the function of encoding i.e. compression and the decoder performs the function of decoding i.e. decompression. Most of all codec has one of these functions but there are some codecs which have both of them. Now we will talk about video codecs.
There are different types of video codecs such as MPEG, DivX, XviD, X264 and so on. Motion Picture Experts Group known as MPEG is not only a big family of video codecs but also the popular video format. It includes 3 types: MPEG audio, MPEG video and MPEG synchronization of audio and video. MPEG files have a high level of compression herewith very good quality, so to convert large files to MPEG help to reduce the size of the files. Now you can save all your film collection without having sufficient hard disk space available. Just convert your favourite movies using MPEG converter!
Video converters are special computer programs that allow to change or recompress one digital video format to another in a process called transcoding.There are a lot of video converters. Most popular are MPEG converter which allow to convert MPEG to other formats, HD video converter which allow to convert a video to hd with support of different hd video codecs and many many others converters.
In conclusion it must be said that video converters which include a lot of types video codecs are used in many areas: mobile phones, mobile devices and their capabilities, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), home theatre PC software. We are used to have a variety of devices that’s why we always should use different computer programs (converters) which allow to save space, watch video in various formats, etc

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