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Top Myths about 3D Television

Top Myths about 3D Television

One of the hottest selling products in consumer electronic stores recently have been 3D Televisions that truly enhance the visual entertainment experience for thousands of home entertainment enthusiasts. And whether you want to watch a classic 3D movie or be entertained by the latest 3D technology, many people look to buy a 2d to 3d converter to ensure the experience is top-notch at all times. However, there are many current myths about 3D television which cause several home owners to question whether or not this is just a fad – or if 3D TV’s are here to stay.

In order to separate fact from myth, here are some of the top myths about 3D TV and facts behind these myths; which will allow you to make a well informed decision on whether or not to invest in one of these new TV’s.

Myth #1: 3D TV’s are More Expensive than traditional HD-Television

This myth is false. In fact, many of today’s top-selling HDTV’s include 3D compatibility while using a 3D video converter in many of today’s homes across the United States. HDTV’s manufactured these days will include all the bells and whistles that consumers demand. As such, the days of TV manufactures holding back features or increasing the price of ‘new technology’ simply don’t exist any longer.  This is a major reason why most TV manufactures fight to have the best features in their TV’s while still providing excellent value for their customers.

Myth #2: 3D Technology for TV’s is Brand New

This one again is false. In fact, Mitsubishi has had 3D DLP Television units available on the market since early 2008. And although the 3D features and technology has significantly improved in recent years, such as adding 2d to 3d converter capability for many home owners, the ability to have a 3D signal sent to a television has been around for quite some time.

Myth #3: In order to watch a 3D television, you have to wear 3D glasses

This one is partially true. If you want to watch a 3D image on a 3D television, you will need to wear 3D glasses. However, if you choose to watch the television under normal 2D mode, there are no glasses needed to view this picture in HD. Also, you won’t have to use a 3D video converter if you choose to only watch 2D television. You can always add this feature in the future if you choose.

Myth #4: You can’t find great deals on 3D Video converter unless you visit a retail outlet

This one is extremely false. In fact, most of the best deals on high-quality 3D video converter products can be found online at Offering high-quality HD equipment at competitive prices with sterling custom service support is the trademark of

If you are in the market for any sort of HD equipment, such as 2D to 3D Video Converter or 3D Video Converter, head to first to discover great pricing on the best HD equipment available.

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