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Tips for Connecting your Computer to TV Using S-Video Cables

Tips for Connecting your Computer to TV Using S-Video Cables

When you’re considering connecting your computer to a television monitor for larger picture there are many ways you can accomplish this task. However, among the easier and more efficient methods is using s-video cables to send the signal from the computer to your television screen. And by using this method, not only will this save you money, but it will also provide you a very good quality picture quality.

First off, using s-video cables to send a signal from a computer to a standard analog television screen is not only the best choice economically; it is also the easiest that will still produce a fairly good video picture. Although it’s not the highest quality image, this will still ‘get the job done’. Another important bit of information is that unless you have a wireless pc to TV adapter, you’ll need to ensure you have your computer relatively close to the television by using this method.

If this is what you have available to you, then here are the instructions for connecting your computer to an analog television using s-video cable.

Step #1: Find the s-video cable input on your television and the s-video output from your computer. S-video is a two-way street, but you’ll be setting this up to send a signal from your computer to the television.

Step #2: Access your television’s S-video input screen through the menu options. Like many other inputs, s-video has its own ‘channel’ and in order to view the s-video feed from the computer, you’ll need to have this channel active.

Step #3: Connect the s-video cable to your computer and television. Important information to remember here is that s-video is simply a video signal carrier. In order to have an audio signal transmitted from computer to TV you need to have audio jacks (RCA cable) from your computer to the corresponding audio input on the TV.

Step #4: Change the TV’s input to that s-video channel you were able to access in step #2 above. This will allow you to see the image streaming from the computer.

Step #5: (You’ll need to make sure your computer monitor is active for this step) Access your graphics card set up menu on the computer. You can find this typically on a PC by clicking the desktop menu, then click on properties, then select the settings button, then advanced button to find the graphics card for your PC. Once you find this section, you’ll need to access the menu for disengaging or engaging s-video output for the computer. When it’s turned on – you’ll see an image on your TV – when off; no image will appear.

Once you complete these five steps, you’ll have a good s-video connection to view your computer images on your television. When you’re looking for great deals on s-video cable and wireless pc to TV adapters, a wonderful online source is With a huge selection of top-rated audio / visual equipment supplies in stock, finding the right equipment to power your laptop to TV connection is a snap, affordable and a reliable online shopping experience.

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