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Atlona AT19052 S-Video Cable (Different Lengths)

S-Video Cable (Different Lengths)
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This Cable is featured with gold connectors to ensure a perfect connection. High-Density double shield construction for high rejection of EM and RF interference. And the conductors, which are made of High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), have the characteristics of high conductivity, low signal loss and degradation, low electric resistance and good signal transmission. A thick nylon sleeve will protect the insulation from moist and dust.

Primarily used to interconnect video equipment like S-VHS players, DVD players, TV’s, audio/video receivers, cable and satellite receivers and any other type of equipment that can use this connection.

Why our cables and not someone else's?

Since the company was created (more than 8 years ago), we have been committed to providing our customers with quality products. Our S-Video cables are built to the particular specifications, which in return make our cables meet or exceed Video standards. There are not too many companies that manufacture their cables to meet those Video standards. The only way that anybody can make these cables to their intended specifications is to manufacture those cables at a Certified Factory. By making cables at the certified facility adds benefits of using Industrial quality materials in the manufacturing process. In the end, cables achieve UL CL2 rating for in-wall installations since the outer jacket of the cable, complies with that standard. All these cables are also ROhS certified, which means, that they contain no Lead or other environmentally harmful materials.

Large companies that have established themselves on the market, have been manufacturing their cables under these standards for a while, but unfortunately their prices are extremely high. This usually happens for either one or both of main reasons: 1) marketing department thinks that their company is so well recognized, that consumers will buy their products regardless of the price. 2) products of these companies go through so many dealers or "middlemen", that in order to pay them they have no other choice, but to raise prices. Unlike them, we own our factories and we don't keep "middlemen", which allows us to keep a much lower pricing than most stores or other retailers. As you have probably noticed, there a many internet retailers that claim certain specs or claim that they are better than other companies and at the same time they have extremely low prices. It might seem as a good deal at first, but please keep in mind that it is impossible to use Industrial Quality material and at the same time offer such a low price. While those cables will work and at short lengths signal loss will be minimal, signal degradation and interference gained is still going to be high, since an improper materials are used. We on the other hand, try to provide our customers with the best quality products, which unfortunately, because of expensive materials, makes it impossible to keep the prices at a very low point. Therefore, if you value your investment in to Video equipment, it is highly recommended to use good quality interconnects.

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