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ZV Pro

  Key benefits of the ZvPro series:   Best video quality yet!  -- 1080p/i, 720p, 480p/i in every unit.  Unencrypted HDMI, Component and VGA inputs  -- address the needs of all deployments.  Single and dual channel versions in a smaller, fan-cooled package  - for simple, reliable installation anywhere Based on the same architecture as their big brothers (HDbridge 2000 Series encoder/modulators), ZvPro models pack powerful features into a small space. At only 1RU high and shelf or rack mountable, it takes just one ZvPro to create a digital TV channel and broadcast it throughout your entire facility.  Distributing digital signage, or HD video content has never been easier and more affordable!
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ZV Box

  ZeeVee ZVBox  products are high quality  RF QAM modulators  which allow transmitting high quality video and audio signal over coaxial cable. You can connect your TV directly to ZV Box and tune it in channel with ZV. This solution is ideal for home, small business, hospitals, bars and hotels. No need to upgrade your existing coaxial cable network,  ZV Box  allows you to get HD quality with no additional coast for the in-house cables upgrade. 
  ZV Box  line includes following models: 
   ZvBox-160 ,  ZvBox-170 ,  ZvBox-180 ,  ZvPro-280 .  
 You may find the difference between models in   Comparison Table .
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  ZeeVee HDBridge2000  series is high quality RF QAM modulators and encoders family. It is specially designed for residential with coaxial network infrastructure. Allows to transmit your HD video through existing coaxial cable network.  HDBridge 2000  - is ultimate broadcast solution for “no-cost” upgrade of existing non-HD devices. Product line includes five models: 
   HDb-2380 ,  HDb-2520 ,  HDb-2540 ,  HDb-2620 ,  HDb-2640 ,  HDb-2840.   
 Please check   ZeeVee Devices Comparison Table   for details. 
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