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How to Install Wireless PC to your TV

How to Install Wireless PC to your TV

One of the hot trends in today’s wireless video age is to connect a computer to the output of your TV via a wireless connection. For many people, the concept of connecting wireless pc to TV can be rather complex and hard to understand. However, the actual steps needed to complete his transfer of signal from one outlet to another is actually quite simple when you break the process down in easy to understand steps.

As such, here are a few basic steps for connecting your wireless PC to your television.

The first thing you will have to determine is which method you will undertake to connect your pc to television. There are three basic ways you can connect your Wireless Computer to a Television:

First – Connect Wi-Fi from Computer to Wi-Fi on Television

Most of today’s top-selling HD Televisions have built in Wi-Fi connectivity that will allow you to connect from a computer or router directly to the Television without using any cables or wireless pc to TV connection devices. This method is rather simple.

  • Turn on your computer and television
  • On the TV menu, select the Wi-Fi mode and select which input you will use (Video 1, DVR or other input source)
  • On the PC you’ll be prompted by the computer to select a Wi-Fi connection to the TV. If this doesn’t happen automatically, you can open your Wi-Fi connection Wizard to access this new connection.
  • Follow each Television Manufactures instructions (usually found in the operating manual that comes with the TV) in order to link with the Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes you’ll have to enter a Wi-Fi connection password.

Second – Wireless WI-Fi through Cable Connection to TV

The second method is to connect a Wireless computer to a smaller receiver that is designed to connect to a TV through a wireless extender. Sometimes this will include using RCA connections if your TV does not have a HDMI input. Here is a basic instruction for this method:

  • Connect your wireless extender via the cable to the television
  • Plug the wireless extender into the electrical AC outlet and turn it on
  • Power up both your TV and computer and make sure both units are connected to this router.
  • Select the HDMI input of your Television and make sure the input cables from the wireless extender is connected to the TV.
  • Activate the connection via your PC and follow set-up instructions from both TV manufacture and HDMI wireless router.

Connecting your television to a PC or wireless internet signal is much easier than you’d think when you have the right equipment to accomplish this task. A great source for finding the best in HD equipment at prices you can afford is the HD equipment leaders at Regarded as one of the online leaders in providing high-quality HD equipment for a wide-variety of applications, prides itself on delivering top-notch HD equipment to multiple customers at prices they can afford. Customer service is a top priority for, so if there are any questions – they have answers.

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