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Difference between the ZvBox and HDbridge units

The ZvBox modulators are standalone modulators each with their own power and installed individually. The ZvBox 170, ZvBox 180 and ZvPro 280 also support VGA, in addition to component input. Configuration for the ZvBox line of products is typically done using the ZvConfig application via a USB connection to a Windows PC.

The HDbridge line is a product designed for medium to large head end installations like multi-dwelling units, hotels and other hospitality environments. There are 3 different modules that allow you to mix and match the resolution that you need. All are installed into a rack chassis. The chassis can support up to eight modules at a time and comes complete with power, and optionally, channel combiner and launch amp.

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Why send HD over coax?

Why send HD over coax? 

  • Simple and scalable (hundreds of channels over one wire)
  • No Set-top boxes required
  • Add digital channels to analog lineups
  • Use the tuner inside HDTVs

Existing HD video distribution solutions are often labor intensive, requiring new cabling to each display. To share an HD source with 3 HDTVs in remote locations, you might pull new component cables to each HDTV, or CAT5 cabling (with baluns to provide the appropriate connection at each end), or perhaps HDMI cabling. Each represents substantial installation effort, and the expense of a hub of some sort.

In contrast, distributing HD over coaxial cabling often allows the use of existing cabling, substantially reducing labor. This is accomplished using RF modulation of the source— a technique that’s been around for some time, but has now made the leap to HD.



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