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Connecting a Laptop to TV

Connecting a Laptop to TV – Know your Connections

There are many ways that anybody can connect their laptop to their television these days. With most TV’s being manufactured to include HDMI, DVI and S-Video cable connections, the problem most people find in learning how to connect their laptop to their TV is simply understanding which cable method to choose. And sometimes, using a VGA to TV transmitter can simplify this process. So, in order to simplify this process for you, here are a few basic methods for connecting your laptop computer to your television screen to allow you to see your computer work through a bigger picture.

HDMI Connection

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or (HDMI) is the best video and audio connection possible in today’s marketplace for connecting a laptop to a HDMI capable television. This type of connection is only possible if you have a HDTV capable television. If you have a standard definition TV, this option is not available to you. But, not commonly known is that your laptop must also be HDMI capable as well in order to transmit this type of signal to your HDTV. For the most part, HDMI cables tend to be more expensive than most connections – but the quality is far superior. If you have a USB cable, then using a USB to HDMI connection is possible.

DVI Connection

Another popular connection is Digital Video Interface or DVI for short. However, just like the above connection, this option is only available for HDTV and Laptops that provide HDTV capability. One of the drawbacks of this type of connection is that audio tends to be drawn out unless you use a dedicated audio connection cable.

VGA Connection

Video Graphics Array or VGA is the most popular method of connecting a laptop to television. Just like the above DVI, a VGA connection does not transmit audio with the video connection – so you need to use a dedicated audio connection or VGA to TV transmitter to ensure the quality does not suffer.

S-Video Connection

Another popular way to connect a laptop to TV is by using an S-Video connection port. This provides moderate video quality, but like the above requires a dedicated audio line be connected to the television. S-video cables don’t work too well with HDTV units, so it is advised that anybody who wants to have a better connection should use a USB to HDMI connector instead.

Once you’ve determined what type of connection will work best for your particular needs, the next step is to make sure that you properly connect each wire to the appropriate areas. For TV’s, you’ll want to make sure to select the video and audio input channels, such as Video 1, or DVD, S-Video, and other potential input areas that will show up on the screen.

If you’re looking for great pricing on some of the best VGA to TV transmitters or USB to HDMI connectors, a wonderful online source is With a huge selection of top-rated audio / visual equipment supplies in stock, finding the right equipment to power your laptop to TV connection is a snap.

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