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Comparing HDMI vs. DVI

Comparing HDMI vs. DVI – Which One is Better?

When you’re getting ready to spend a pretty penny to create the perfect home entertainment system – one of the most asked questions is whether a consumer should choose between HDMI and DVI connections to power their entertainment system. The truth is that the HDMI vs. DVI debate is one that truly has no clear cut winner. But, there are several small differences between each unit that will allow any consumer to have a better understanding which ones will provide them the best bang for their buck.

Knowing the Difference - What is HDMI?

HDMI is known simply as a High-Definition Multimedia Interface which was created and released to the general public in 2002. This is an all-in-one video and audio connection cable that can transmit non-compressed streams of video and audio interface – and is compatible with DVD players, PC’s, Video Game Systems (like X-Box 360) and HDTV. Sometimes people use an HDMI Extender to increase the input power of this connection if the distance is far from one connection to another.

Knowing the Difference – What is DVI?

Digital Video Interface or DVI connections are different than HDMI in one primary area – they require separate video and audio connections to enhance the High-definition system. Both are all-digital connections and both produce high-quality picture and audio signals that provide any home entertainment owner with tremendous quality. However, as stated above, the primary difference is that DVI connections require two-independent connections for both audio and video.

Are both HDMI vs. DVI systems compatible to each other?

This is a commonly asked question in the HDMI vs. DVI debate and the answer is simply – to an extent. DVI was a predecessor to HDMI cable and as such, can be used with HDMI systems. But, it will only carry a video signal as opposed to both that HDMI offers. An HDMI cable will transmit both audio and video to a DVI connection.

Are there issues with Cable Length for both HDMI and DVI connections?

For the most part, both cables do a fairly good job of transmitting a signal, however, if the cable is too long or the connection between two units are long in distance, then using an HDMI extender might be a better course of action to ensure that the signal does not diminish. This is common with DVI connections as well, and there are products available to strengthen this signal.

Which One Should I Use?

This is a matter of taste, but for the most part, the HDMI cables are a better unit. The ability they have to send a strong audio and visual signal through the same connection outweighs the need to have two separate connections like the DVI cables require. As with any new entertainment system, it is always best to follow the recommendations of each manufacture to ensure maximum performance.

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