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Advantages of HDMI Extender And 8x8 HDMI Matrix devices

Advantages of HDMI Extender And 8x8 HDMI Matrix devices

When you’ve spent a lot of money on a top-quality entertainment system though your entire house, you want to make sure you’re using the best support equipment possible. Whether this means using top-quality cables or extenders, making the decision to have quality equipment to power your entertainment system is paramount to achieve the highest-quality picture and audio clarity possible. Two great units that can accomplish this are HDMI Extender Switches and  8x8 HDMI Matrix devices.

HDMI Extenders are designed to allow any home or business owner to extend the signal output up to 230 feet which both maximizes the distance of your entertainment system set-up and permits versatility in the installation and set-up of the equipment. This device uses one CAT5E, CAT6 or CAT7 Ethernet cable to transmit digital signals by-passing the standard HDMI capabilities while extending the reach of your High-Definition signal.

Some of the unique features of a 4x4 HDMI Extender Switches include:

  • They extend a high-definition (HDMI) signal up to 230’ in distance from the original connection. This provides you the ability to connect your HDTV’s and other HDMI devices in multiple areas, rooms and not reduce signal strength.
  • They are self-powered by using (POE) features, provide a digital audio quality transmission, and are bi-directional.
  • HDMI Extenders are also 3D compatible, have locking HDMI ports and have (4) programmable memory presets

On the other side of the equation are the 8x8 HDMI Matrix devices, which  provide the highest flexibility and most cost-effective solution to routing HD video sources and multiple-channel digital audio from up to (4) individual HDMI sources at the same time.

This product allows anybody who has a vast HDMI network to easily switch from one HDMI source to another with the flick of a switch. This means you can go from watching your HDMI Blu-Ray player to power your PS3 or X-Box 360 in a matter of seconds – all in High-Definition video and audio.

Some of the additional features of an 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher includes:

  • Permits the source of any device to be displayed through multiple displays at the same exact time.
  • Supports 7.1 Channel digital audio features
  • Will support the default HDMI EDID and will learn the EDID of displays without interruption of service.
  • The matrix master-switch can change output via the push-in button display or via IR Remote control.
  • Allows any source to be displayed on multiple displays at the same time

When quality and user-friendly features are important to maximize the power of your entertainment system, using either of these two HDMI switches is a great option for any home owner or business owner trying to maximize their entertainment system.

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